[ Electronic materials ]
We procure the best raw and auxiliary materials by being mobile and flexible.

The raw and auxiliary materials we provide are components in many important electronic devices. These devices play a critical role in supporting the entire global electronics industry. Thus, we ensure that only the best solutions are offered to our customers. By understanding the ever-changing social environment in Japan and in foreign markets, we can be flexible and adapt to the latest trends of the electronics industry. EMORI will not only obtain materials from major international manufacturers, but will also acquire materials from medium-sized manufacturers that meet our stringent requirements for excellent technical capability, quality, delivery capacity, and prices.

[ Electronic Devices ]
We offer an all-in-one-stop manufacturing experience and are always looking for new ways to add value.

We handle a wide range of electronic devices in various countries, including semiconductors in Japan and overseas. We can meet all your requirements for single components, custom products, and/or unit products that combine parts. In addition to selling off-the-shelf products, we do integrated manufacturing that can include planning and designing, such as OEM, EMS and ODM. Leveraging the manufacturing and production network cultivated by our EMORI Group, we have established a thorough follow-up system to develop business and create new value.


Electronic materials

  • Functional chemicals / Semiconductor chemicals / Capacitor chemicals
  • Functional film / Industrial tape
  • Synthetic resins / Molding parts
  • Industrial filter (Commodity type~Special type)
  • Precious metal materials / Magnetic materials
  • Electrode materials / Plating chemicals/ Solder materials / Adhesive materials
  • Abrasive materials
  • Inorganic chemicals / Organic chemicals
  • Silicone materials
  • Metal materials / Metal parts
  • Packaging materials

Electronic devices

  • Electronic components
  • Mechanism element
  • Control instruments
  • Semiconductor
  • Battery / Power supply
  • Motor
  • Secondary materials
  • Monitor products
  • Board and unit assembly