[ Dyestuffs and Textile Chemicals ]
We continue to source highly advanced technologies and materials in Japan and other Asian countries.

By taking advantage of our domestic and overseas networks, we are committed to supply new and innovative products to our customers, including dyestuffs, pigments, and high-performance processing agents tailored to industrial materials and vehicle interiors. We can support your global business development by importing and exporting dyestuffs and basic chemicals. In our global operations, collaborating with overseas suppliers to improve our technology of manufacturing compounds for dyestuffs, we have created value added products and services that no other company can offer. Our subsidiary company, Hokuriku Color Co., Ltd., has a renowned reputation as a manufacturer of dyestuffs formulations. They develop and produce new products that meet sophisticated requirements such as their high-quality lightfastness dyestuffs.




Disperse dyes, High light-fastness dyes for automotive fabric, Reactive dyes, Acid dyes, Cationic dyes, Fluorescent brightener, Press cake of disperse dyes, Crude of reactive dyes

Industrial chemicals

Inorganic chemicals

Ammonia, Chlor-alkali products(Sodium hydroxide/Sodium carbonate/Sodium tripolyphosphate/Sodium sulfate/Sodium hypochlorite), Phosphorus, Sulfur(Sodium hydrosulphite), Silicon

Organic chemicals

Acrylic acid, Isocyanates, Alchols, Aromatic hydrocarbon, Ester, Ketones, Others, Aliphatic compounds(Ammonium acetate/Thiourea dioxide)


Intermediates for dyestuffs

Textile chemicals

Pretreatment agents

Scouring agents, Penetrating agents, Desizing agents

Dyeing agents

Levelling agents/Retarding agents, Deaerating and penetrating agents, Dyebath lubricants, pH sliding agents, Oligomer removing agents, Defoaming agents, Fixing agents, Soaping agents

Finishing agents

Softening agents, Water & Oil repellent agents, Soil-release agents, Anti-static agents, Anti-slipping agents, Coating agents, Lubricants, Flame retardants, Crease-preventing agents, Anti-Shrinkage agents, Anti-bacterial agents, Anti-virus agents, Antifungal agents, Pretreatment agents for ink-jet printing

Printing agents

Printing binder, Rubber binder, Printing pastes, Solvent ink, Binder for transfer printing



Yarn, Cotton, Polyester yarn, PBT yarn, Spun polyester dyed yarn

About Our Original
Harmony-Light Dyes

Harmony-Light was developed for dying car seats and seatbelts that require a high degree of lightfastness.
As the name Harmony-Light suggests, it has a very good lightfastness with well-fading balance from light to deep colors. Moreover, manufacturing of this product on a global scale has allowed us to keep quality high and consistent at a significantly lower cost performance ratio.

Initiative as a bluesign®

bluesign® is a certification system in the textile industry that certifies products manufactured and delivered through a sustainable supply chain from the viewpoints of the environment, labor and consumers. Under a concept of further developing the textile industry so that products can be manufactured with less resources as well as lower environmental impacts and safety of workers and consumers can be protected, the certification provides consumers with a reassurance about transparency of the products.
Our own product, Harmony-Light, is to be registered in the bluesign® FINDER.
The registration certifies that the product is free from pollutants and harmful chemicals, satisfies strict standards concerning raw material selection, consumption of energy and water resources, air and water pollution, etc. and contributes to saving resources, minimizing environmental impacts, and improving safety and health of consumers and workers.
Received a certification of the world’s leading standards, we will further spread our dye products around the world.