Message from the President and CEO

In the tropical islands, you can see the blue sky above you and the birds flying gracefully. Surrounded by the blue green sea, a variety of tropical fishes are swimming around the coral reefs. However, the paradise-like tropical island nations are now facing the risk of submergence due to an impact of the rising sea level caused by global warming. Is this the responsibility of the tropical islanders?

It is fair to say that greenhouse gas emissions correlate with an increase in population. Those living in material abundance are emitting more greenhouse gases. All the more for that, we have been working to realize a decarbonized society in order to protect a global environment. It must be realized for the tropical islanders, for people living in the green land of Africa, and for our descendants. This is not for us, not a selfish, but an altruistic act. The decarbonized society will not be realized without altruism.
Also, by mobilizing every wisdom and scientific technologies, we have to popularize alternative energy, develop materials and products capable of reducing CO2 emissions, and build a circulation system designed to recycle carbon. But these challenges cannot be accomplished single-handedly. Their realization needs cooperation beyond the boundaries of a nation, society and corporation. I believe that a competitive society called survival of the fittest in a struggle for survival derived from the theory of evolution will end, moving toward a symbiotic society common to altruism.

Kowa Emori has corporate philosophy to exist for happiness of stakeholders. With altruism, we have been making efforts to achieve the symbiotic society. Playing a role in creating a new value in a variety of business activities centering around “health and environment” promoted by Kowa Group, we will realize local decarbonization in the “Chemicals”, “Textiles” and “Electronics” fields to make global contribution from here, Fukui.

June 2023
Kowa Emori Company, Ltd.
President and CEO