Kowa Emori Company, Ltd.


Kowa Emori Company, Ltd. (hereinafter called “Kowa Emori”) will handle personal information collected from the principal in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information and any relative laws and regulations in Japan, in appropriate ways describing as follows:

Collection of personal information
Kowa Emori will collect personal information in an appropriate manner.
When collecting them, Kowa Emori will notify or publicly announce the purposes of utilization.

Utilization of personal information
Kowa Emori will utilize your personal information within the scope of the purposes of utilization Kowa Emori has already notified or publicly announced.

Restriction of provision to a third party
Kowa Emori will not provide personal information to a third party without obtaining prior consent of the principal except in case of providing it to a third party pursuant to laws or regulations.

Control of personal information
Kowa Emori will make an effort to maintain personal information accurate and up to date, and take necessary and appropriate security control measures for the prevention from theft, leakage, falsification, loss and etc.

Disclosure, correction, discontinuance of utilization of personal information
When the principal requests Kowa Emori to disclose, correct or discontinue utilizing personal information and etc., Kowa Emori will respond appropriately after going through the process of identifying the principal.

About complaints
When Kowa Emori receives a complaint from the principal about Kowa Emori’s handling of personal information, Kowa Emori will respond in good faith after investigating the content of the complaint without delay.

Please note that this privacy policy may be modified without prior notice.

April 1, 2021