Kowa Emori Company, Ltd. (hereinafter called “Kowa Emori”) will handle personal information collected from the principal in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information and any relative laws and regulations in Japan, in appropriate ways describing as follows:

Collection of personal information

Kowa Emori will collect personal information in an appropriate manner.
When collecting them, Kowa Emori will notify or publicly announce the purposes of utilization.

Utilization of personal information

Kowa Emori will utilize your personal information within the scope of the purposes of utilization Kowa Emori has already notified or publicly announced.

Restriction of provision to a third party

Kowa Emori will not provide personal information to a third party without obtaining prior consent of the principal except in case of providing it to a third party pursuant to laws or regulations.

Control of personal information

Kowa Emori will make an effort to maintain personal information accurate and up to date, and take necessary and appropriate security control measures for the prevention from theft, leakage, falsification, loss and etc.

Disclosure, correction, discontinuance of utilization of personal information

When the principal requests Kowa Emori to disclose, correct or discontinue utilizing personal information and etc., Kowa Emori will respond appropriately after going through the process of identifying the principal.

About complaints

When Kowa Emori receives a complaint from the principal about Kowa Emori’s handling of personal information, Kowa Emori will respond in good faith after investigating the content of the complaint without delay.

Handling of Personal Information

Kowa Emori Company, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kowa Emori”) announces the following matters as a personal information handling business operator based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1. Acquisition of personal information and its purposes of use

Kowa Emori acquires and uses personal information within the scope required to achieve the following purposes of use.

Purposes of use of personal information

*To provide customers information on products Kowa Emori handles

*To gather information required for R&D, manufacturing and sales service for the products Kowa Emori handles

*To provide guidance on exhibitions, seminars, academic meetings, etc., concerning the products Kowa Emori handles

*To gather or provide customers with information to maintain or improve the quality, safety, etc., of the products Kowa Emori handles

Our main business activities are as follows

Trading of chemicals, synthetic resin, textile processing agents, electronic materials, electronic components, and environment related products

2. Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

(1) Kowa Emori does not provide the personal information of customers to third parties except in cases that fall under one of the following categories.

*Cases where the consent of the principal has been obtained

*Disclosure or provision of statistical data, coded or otherwise, in such a manner that individuals cannot be identified

*Cases where disclosure or provision are requested based on the law

*Cases where it is required for the protection of a person’s life, physical safety or property and obtaining the consent of the principal is difficult

*Cases where it is required for the improvement of public hygiene or the healthy development of children and obtaining the consent of the principal is difficult

*Cases where the cooperation of Kowa Emori is required for a state or local government organization to implement matters established by law and it is possible that obtaining the consent of the principal may hinder the implementation of said matters

*Other cases where legally approved measures have been taken

(2) Apart from the above, there are cases where Kowa Emori entrusts personal information within the scope required to a contractor entrusted with personal information handling work in order to perform Kowa Emori’s work smoothly, but in such cases, Kowa Emori concludes a contract on the appropriate handling of personal information with the contractor and supervises the contractor appropriately.

(3) Kowa Emori uses personal information jointly within the following scope.

[Joint use with Kowa group companies]

[1] Items of personal information used jointly
Name, address, telephone number, FAX number, email address, affiliation (company name, department name, title, etc.), matters concerning inquiries, matters concerning product purchasing, matters concerning contracts

[2] Scope of parties using personal information jointly
Kowa group companies *Kowa Emori belongs to Kowa group.

[3] Purpose of use by joint users
As per “Purposes of use of personal information” above

[4] Manager responsible for personal information
Kowa Emori Company, Ltd.

3. Measures taken for safety management

(Formulation of basic policy)

・Kowa Emori has formulated a basic policy to secure the proper handling of personal information.

(Maintenance of discipline related to the handling of personal information)

・Kowa Emori has formulated regulations on the handling of personal information concerning handling methods, responsible managers, personnel and their duties, etc.

(Organizational safety management measures)

・Kowa Emori has established responsible managers for the handling of personal information and clarified handling standards, and maintains a system for reporting and communication to responsible managers in the event that the occurrence of a leakage or other concern, or a legal violation is grasped.

(Human security management measures)

・Kowa Emori implements regular training for employees on matters that require attention with regard to the handling of personal information.

・Kowa Emori has laid out matters concerning the confidentiality of personal information are stated in the Employment Regulations.

(Physical safety management measures)

・Kowa Emori controls the entrance and exit of employees, etc., in rooms in areas where important information systems are managed.

・Kowa Emori takes measures to prevent the theft or loss, etc., of equipment used to handle personal information, electronic media, documents, etc., and implements measures so that personal information is not identified easily.

(Technological safety management measures)

・Kowa Emori implements access control and restricts personnel and the scope of personal information that they handle.

・Kowa Emori has introduced mechanisms that protect information systems used in the handling of personal information from unauthorized access from outside and malware.

(Grasping of the external environment)

・Kowa Emori implements safety management measures after grasping the systems for the protection of personal information in each country where it stores personal information.

4. Use of cookies

Cookies are information sent to a customer’s browser from a web server when a customer has accessed a specific website, and are recorded on the customer’s computer. Kowa Emori uses cookies for customers to view its website more conveniently when they visit again.
Customers can disable cookies by manipulating the browser settings. In this case, they may become unable to use some functions. Please check the “Help” menu of the browser you use for how to change the cookie settings.

5. Disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use, etc., of personal information

(1) Disclosure of personal information

If it receives a request for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure of the details or records of the provision to third parties of personal information, Kowa Emori discloses that information without delay, including whether or not such information exists.

(2) Correction, addition, deletion, discontinuation of use, erasure and discontinuation of provision to third parties of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Correction, etc.”)

If it receives a request for the Correction, etc., of personal information, Kowa Emori investigates the details of that request without delay, performs the Correction, etc., within a reasonable range and informs the person who made the request of the results.

6. Contact for inquiries

Please contact the Consultation Desk at Kowa Emori below if you wish to make a complaint, consult or inquire about personal information. Please understand that if it is necessary to confirm that you are the principal or agent when you do so, we will implement separate procedures for confirmation.

Kowa Emori Company, Ltd.
1-6-23 Keya, Fukui-City, Fukui 9188510 Japan

Please note that this privacy policy may be modified without prior notice.