SDGs Initiatives

We, at Kowa Emori Company, Ltd. as a company that globally expands its business of selling chemical, textile, and electronic products, are committed to resolving environmental issues and other global social challenges through our daily business activities, toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Enriching the communities and the world through supply chains

We will strive, as a key role player in supply chains, to help enrich the whole world by resolving issues in procurement management and logistics management that are faced by companies in various countries around the world, including developing countries, so as to promote more active commercial distribution.

Proposals of human- and earth-friendly products

We will strive, in our product proposals to customers, toward global environment where sustainability for people and nature is maintained through proposing products that contribute to prevention of health hazards, environmental pollution, environmental change, depletion of resources, biodiversity loss, etc.

Efforts to develop new products and technologies through partnerships

We will strive, in our efforts toward development of new products and technologies, to promote sustainable forms of production and consumption through market development, coordination, and creation of added values based on our global partnerships with domestic and overseas manufacturers of materials and products.

Fair business activities

We will strive toward a sustainable society by, in our trading with companies in Japan and overseas and in our individual business operations, complying with laws and regulations of relevant nations as well as promoting transparent, peaceful, and non-discriminatory trading.

Decent work for all

We will strive to establish a work environment with job satisfaction. To this end, the company will be constantly conscious of respect for employees’ human rights, build an organization where employees can grow and work with humanity, and further, no forced labor and discrimination are tolerated even in the supply chain.

CSR and other activities

We will strive, as a member of society, toward international goals and targets to achieve a society with diversity and inclusion through regional revitalization, welfare activities, and any and all other company activities.
Besides, we have signed up for a local activity called “Fukui SDGs Partners” promoted by Fukui prefecture and are actively working to achieve the SDGs.