Site Policy

1. Future Forecast

Among the plans, outlook, and strategies posted on this website of Kowa Emori Company, Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”), those that are not historical facts are the Company’s forecasts on its future performance, which were made by management based on information currently available. Please be advised, therefore, that the actual performance may differ from these forecasts.

2. Copyright

Copyright and all other rights for the information appearing on this website belong to the Company unless stated otherwise. Users of this website are allowed to duplicate information contained herein; provided that such use is for non-profit purposes and only within the users’ organizations and that these duplicates bear a copyright notice of the Company. When individual information has its own terms of use, they shall prevail. Excluding the above, this website shall not license or grant any right pertaining to intellectual property right, such as copyright, patents, and trademarks.

3. Website

Although the contents contained herein are provided under the highest professional standards, the Company does not guarantee the operation of the website or the accuracy, timely update, or completeness of any information contained herein, including conformity to use purposes and non-infringement of third parties ‘rights.


・Use the updated browser in case of any problems of screen collapses and functional restriction.

・Uncheck the content of “Display Intranet Sites In Compatibility View” though 「Menu」→「Tool」→「Compatibility View Settings」

4. Privacy

Personal information provided by our customers is stored according to the content of the information in an accurate and updated manner under the strict control of the Company. Personal information of a customer will never be altered or distributed to the third party without the prior consent of the customer.

5. Links

The Company absolutely refuses a link that applies any of the following conditions:

・Links from sites that contain content that may abuse or slander the Company or its products and services or damage credibility.

・Links where by use of the frames or any other means it becomes difficult to determine that the content belongs to the Company.

・Links from sites that contain sexually explicit content.

・Links from sites that contain illegal content (including potentially illegal site) or are involved (or may be involved) in such activities.